A new record of Calassomys apicalis (Rodentia, Cricetidae) in the Espinhaço Mountain Range, Brazil

Christian Nathan da Silva Oliveira, Rone Fernando Carvalho, Marco Aurélio da Cunha Moreira Pacheco, Leonardo Guimarães Lessa


We present herein the record of the monotypic sigmodontine Calassomys apicalis Pardiñas, Lessa, Salazar-Bravo and Câmara 2014 in the Brazilian Cerrado, based on two adult male specimens collected in a rocky outcrops area (campo rupestre) in southern portion of Espinhaço Mountain Range, in May and June 2016. This taxon was previously known only from the type locality at Parque Nacional das Sempre Vivas, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. The fecal analysis of the specimens collected in this study indicates a diversified diet with the consumption of arthropods and vegetative parts of plants in different proportions, being this the first record about the feeding habits of this species.

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