Administração de polvilho de lobeira a ratas lactando: comportamento materno e desenvolvimento neuromotor das crias

Suely Motta, Vera Maria Peters, João Evangelista de Paula Reis, Martha de Oliveira Guerra


The development of rat pups depends on maternal care and milk production. In this work the effect of the lobeira (Solanum lycocarpum) powder administration to lactating mothers was tested, regarding maternal behavior and the pup’s neuromotor development. Female rats were treated (from 2nd to 16th post-natal day), with five mg of lobeira powder suspension/Kg body weight. The following variables were investigated: body weight, food intake, clinical signs of maternal intoxication and maternal behavior; body weight and indicators of pup’s motor development. There were no deaths, clinical signs of maternal intoxication, changes in maternal behavior or significant differences in body weight and food intake of mothers. The body weight
of pups and the appearance date of motor development indicators were similar in control and treated groups. It is concluded that the lobeira powder administrated to lactating rats was not toxic to the mother, did not alter the maternal behavior, neither modified the neuromotor development of the pups.

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